The American Mastiff is a powerful pet. Here is your informative A-list of American Mastiff. The American Mastiff is a large hybrid dog. The first generation American Mastiff is crossing between English Mastiff and Anatolian Shepherd Dog. More than twenty years ago, this dog breed was developed by Fredericka Wagner in Piketon, OH at Flying W Farms. Today, American Mastiff is popular family pet.

Facts about American Mastiff

  • Temperament – The American Mastiff is loyal, devoted, calm, quiet, friendly, quiet and loving. They are devoted to their owners and they can get along well with children or pets. It is better to start proper training and socialization early for American Mastiff puppies. They are large breed dog but they are not aggressive. The American Mastiff will protect their family when family member is in danger or being threatened. They make a good watchdog for family. An owner who has strong leadership skill will be appropriate candidate to raise this large dog breed.
  • Appearance – The American Mastiff is muscular and large dog. The American Mastiff has a rectangular-shaped wide head and a pair of amber colored eyes. They usually have a black mask and medium-sized of muzzle which is well proportioned to head. They have rounded ears which set high on head. The chest is deep and broad. The neck is thick and slightly arched. The American Mastiff puppies are slightly different from original Mastiff puppies. They have firmer and tighter lower lip so that they do not drool much as other Mastiffs do. You will find the puppies born in dark color, puppies will become lighter color when they grow up. The American Mastiff has large feet and the front legs are long and straight. The coat is short and smooth. Usually they have a long tail which reaching the hocks.

American Mastiff Breed Information

Size Large
Height 65- 91cm (male and female)
Weight 72-90kg (male) 63-81kg (female)
Colour Apricot, brindle and fawn
Group Hybrid Breed Dog
Life Span 10 – 12 years
Exercise Ability Daily long walks is needed
Grooming Requirements Brush with bristle occasionally. Use dry shampoo when necessary. This breed is average shedder
Environment Indoor or Small fenced yard
Barking Medium

The American Mastiff is same as Rat Terrier, they are healthy breeds.

American Mastiff
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