New Shih Tzu Puppies are good pets to adopt.

Here with informative A-list on how to take care new Shih Tzu Puppies.

  • Bring Shih Tzu puppy to veterinarian for first check up and vaccination.
  • Prepare some quality of dog food and clean water once puppy reach home. Dog water bottle is more suitable for him, when he drink water, he won’t get his hair wet easily. If you are not familiar with dog food, you can check with puppy breeder and veterinarian.
  • Ater puppy had his meal, we can wipe his face with small cloth or damp paper towel. Pet owner can use toothbrush and toothpaste to clean puppy’s teeth, let puppy enjoy the toothbrushing and stop develop bad breath.
  • Get chew toys for puppy, it helps to keep puppy teeth clean. Shih Tzu puppies seldom yap around as other puppies,they usually he sit around quietly at house. When owner is not around, chey toys are the best companion for puppy.
  • Basic obedience is a must for puppies, pet owner should let puppies understand some simple command as stand, sit, stop and come. We can give puppies special treat when they  perform in correct way.
  • We must teach puppy how to poop in one spot, take him to the particual spot and tell him to poop now, make it as a habit for everyday.
  • Brushing and grooming is important for Shih Tzu puppies, we can stroll over pup with soft brush. Brush gently and do not pull any tangles. The service of Shih tzu puppies for grooming is provided by professional groomer.

If you are keen to have a best family companion, puppies for sale are available at pet store, you can shop all the pet supplies at pet store. Some animal shelter give free puppies away to pet lovers too.
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How to take care new Shih Tzu Puppies?
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