Silky Terrier is an excellent companion pet. Here is your informative A-list of Silky Terrier. Silky Terrier is also known as Silky, Sydney Silky or Silky Toy Terrier. This dog breed is originated from Australia in 1890s. Silky Terrier was crossing between Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Terrier. They were used to be urban pet and companion pet in Australia. American soldier brought some silky terrier from Australia to home during World War II. In 1959, AKC recognized this breed as Silky Terrier. Today, it is classified as toy breed in Australia and terrier breed in Europe.

Facts about Silky Terrier

  • Temperament – Silky Terrier is intelligent, curious, attentive, friendly, courageous and playful. This dog breed is suitable for first time pet owner. Silky Terrier is one of the sturdy breed, the pet owner must be firm enough. Early socialization is good for Silky Terrier puppies, they will develop stable temperament. They have tendency to chase other pets. It you have cat, rabbits or hamsters; it is good to socialize them together in early stage so that Silky Terrier will not chase them. Because of their intelligent, Silly Terrier is quick to learn and responsive fast in training.They are perfect travelling companion. They are affectionate with family and they are eager to please their owner. They can get along well with children but not dogs, especially same sex. They get jealous easily over other dogs. The Silky Terriers are enthusiastic digger same as Glen of Imaal Terrier. They have tendency to bark a lot. Do not leave them alone for long period as it will develop dog behavior problem. Same as Rat Terrier, they are good little watchdog.
  • Appearance – Silky Terrier look alike Yorkshire Terrier but its head is longer than Yorkshire Terrier. Silky Terrier has a wedged-shaped flat head. They have short muzzle as Shih Tzu. They come with a pair of almond-shaped dark eyes and a pair of triangular -shaped erect ears which set high on the head. Their tail usually is docked. Their front legs are long and straight ending with small cat-like feet. This dog breed is non-shedding. The coat of Silky Terrier is usually silky and shiny, it has no dog odor.

Silky Terrier Breed Information

Size Small
Height 23-25cm (male and female)
Weight 4 -5kg (male and female)
Colour Blue and tan, blue and red
Group Terrier Breed Dog
Life Span 12 – 15 years
Exercise Ability Daily walk is needed and they like to roam and dig around
Grooming Requirements Daily brushing and daily combing is needed to avoid tangles and matting. Regular bathing is need and trim them occasionally
Environment Indoor
Barking Average

Some common health issue for Silky Terrier is elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, legg-perthes, invertebral disc disease, epilepsy and collapsing trachea.

Silky Terrier
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